Claude Tayag’s latest ouvre in wood Stations of the Cross, a one-of-a-kind series, was exhibited at the Glass Lane, third floor of Ayala Museum from 15 March until 16 May 2010.  

In this series,Tayag portrays each dramatic encounter in the Passion of Jesus Christ through single crossed wooden poles to suggest the human figure. By depicting the scenes through elemental abstractions, by using bare and faceless polished kamagong and supa wood, Tayag offers a sublime experience to viewers. The posture and gesture of each figure capture in abstraction the essential emotions in each encounter.  Through faceless and elemental abstractions, Tayag reaches into the innermost spaces of mind and soul. The Ang Kiukok-inspired crown of thorns are of sterling silver executed by Silverworks.

Since 1990, he has been venturing into functional and sculptural wood pieces.  Tayag's exploration with wood has allowed him to supersede the limitations of an essentially rigid material, achieving limitless volume and sensuous plasticity with his wave and curvilinear series.

Material: Kamagong and Supa wood; sterling silver crowns.

Dimensions: average length 40.0 cm; average diameter 4.0 cm.


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